you had such a thirst for knowledge; and now school has ruined that.

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The mystery of the Belleau wood - Part IV

Private O’Bannon was found on the 26th of June. He was moved to the nearest base hospital and treated there for severe fatigue. The last person to speak to him was a priest. It was the only time when O’Bannon reacted to another person. Still without emotion tears rolled from his eyes as he said “The children, the children”.

The next morning Seth O’Bannon was found dead in his bed. An expression of absolute terror on his face. His hair had turned white.

To this day the U.S. Marine Core will not give an official statement concerning this case. The bodies of the five other men were never found. They were listed as missing in action. There had been an investigation but it proofed to be fruitless.The case was officially closed on the 21st of March 1919.

Artwork by Damien Worm.